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Since Dance Shak began , we are regularly asked for our kids to perform at local events, be it organised by local schools, community fete's or our presence at the turning on of the Chistmas lights in Hainault.

In the summer of 2015 the Ilford Recorder did a 4 page spread on our stage school, in response to the great feedback we regularly receive. Also in the summer of 2015 a number of our kids, after successful auditions, we're chosen to model some dancewear in the catalogue for IDS (International Dance Supllies), both online and in print. Some of our kids perfomed in an Annie tour in London and some were on stage at Cliff's Pavilion in Southend.

We put on a numerous shows for our parents to watch their children, giving our students the chance to perform to a large audience in professional surroundings. We've also had kids perform in a local theatre production of High School Musical in March.

By networking and liaising with other schools, companies and choreographers, we are always looking for opportunities to see how we can help enhace the students of the Dance Shak in whatever way possible.

We are proud of the vibe we have here and are grateful for the support we receive from the parents and volunteers that help make us tick!

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